WWE Games Wrestlemania Superstar Challenge

We're coming at you LIVE from WrestleMania Axxess TONIGHT for the WWE Games Superstar Challenge, and the WWE '12 King of the Ring Tournament finals!


The WWE '12 Superstar Challenge will be streamed LIVE to THE MILLIONS....AND MILLIONS in the WWE Games Universe TONIGHT!

We're down to the final TWO in our WWE '12 King of the Ring Tournament. Who will take home the crown? WATCH and find out!

Here are the details:


THQ Tank and Cory Ledesma will be on location

WWE '12 King of the Ring Tournament Final will be streamed LIVE

WWE '12 Superstar Challenge will feature WWE Superstars and Divas battling it out on WWE '12!


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WWE Games ~ The Miz Fears Cory Ledesma - True Story

WWE Games Creative Director Challenged YOU in order to reveal a few details about WWE '13. Mission accomplished, so far...

If I see a Miz fears Ledesma sign in the crowd tomorrow, I will be forced to reveal something on #WWE13.
— Cory Ledesma (@RealCoryLedesma) April 1, 2012

This GEM @RealCoryLedesma tweeted earlier this week, took his Twitter War with The Miz to an entirely new level. That's right folks, WWE Games Creative Director Cory Ledesma is daring YOU to take this WAR to WWE Raw and SmackDown, in a way ONLY YOU can help push. We know you are saying - YES! YES! YES! YES!

Lo and behold, the mighty @ WWEBradWard, a brave soldier of the @WWEGames "Ledesma is Fearless" Faction in this grand "New WWE Era", heard the social calling, and ensured his sign at SmackDown tonight would rise above the rest:

HOLY GUACAMOLE! VICTORY has been achieved! The power of the @WWEGames universe has no bounds! We had to ask the community legend himself about his victory:

What inspired you to take on Cory’s Twitter challenge?

@WWEBradWard - I'm all about the next wave of the future, I have played probably over 100 hrs of WWE 12 since November and I want to find out whats next, plus it was a easy opportunity to troll The Miz.

How did you manage to get the sign in a TV camera angle shot? Did you know where to sit? Are you that **** good?

@WWEBradWard - Well we had floor seats for Smackdown, my buddy Matt suggested I move to the aisle which I did and got it on tv. When I attend WWE Events I always try my best to get floor as its the closest experience to watching on tv.

With that said, Cory Ledesma IS a MAN of his WORD and he is more than happy to share a few gameplay tidbits on our next WWE Game below, but first, a lesson in history, a quick journey if you will...

If you are a @WWEGames fan, then you should know by the now about the everlasting "Twitter" battle between the AWESOME ONE "@MikeTheMiz", and our fearless Creative Director @RealCoryLedesma. You should know by now this "war" has extended beyond the realms of Twitter and into the "Real World", such as our past WWE '12 Live Roster Reveal where The Miz did some serious trashtalking right in the face of @RealCoryLedesma at precisely 1:19:30 of this VIDEO. The Miz also had something to say about what @RealCoryLedesma in-game WWE '12 rating should be, if he were in the game, watch these Miz shenanigans.

However, our fearless Creative Director is not afraid of The Miz, and never relents in his Twitter-trolling of @MikeTheMiz, because he is just that **** good. Here are some fond memories and now famous Ledesma tweet-quotes, maybe you remember some of these:

Think it's eating @mikethemiz alive that he doesn't have a Mania match, yet? I'd challenge him...
— Cory Ledesma (@RealCoryLedesma) March 7, 2012

@mikethemiz keep it up. Kelly Kelly has a higher rating than u at this point. I'll make sure ur wearing a pretty little dress in the game.
— Cory Ledesma (@RealCoryLedesma) June 8, 2011

Breaking news: We've added @mikethemiz new outfit in the game before he debuts it on WWE TV. #WWE12 delivers!! twitter.com/RealCoryLedesm…
— Cory Ledesma (@RealCoryLedesma) September 1, 2011

We all lose! RT “@mikethemiz: Biggest loud mouth in golf vs Biggest loud mouth in the ring. John Daly vs The Miz...who wins???"
— Cory Ledesma (@RealCoryLedesma) June 22, 2011

And thus, a battle was born, and rages on for days, months, years, hell, maybe centuries to come. Generations of The Miz's vs The Ledesma's, will take the War in Twitter to Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Pinterest, WWE.com, Tumblr, Google+, MTV, Tagged, to every last inch of this digital socially connected planet Earth. It is a battle that only has one end, the day The Miz is rated the highest WWE Superstar in a WWE Game. Unfortunately, that day may (likely) NEVER come.

As promised, here is a "man of his word", your fearless WWE Games Creative Director, Cory Ledesma:


Well, I'm a man of my word. I threw out a challenge on April 1st to the WWE Games Community on Twitter to get the “Miz Fears Ledesma” crowd sign on T.V. and I promised that if I spotted it I would reveal a tidbit on WWE ’13. Low and behold on the April 6th edition of SmackDown! it has been spotted!!

Credit should go to @WWEBradWard for creating the sign, getting it on air, and helping to deliver news on WWE ’13. Our WWE Games Community knows how to rise to a challenge and we’re planning on throwing more challenges out to our WWE Games Community in the coming months.

Now for the tidbit reveal on WWE ’13. It gives me great pleasure to reveal that we’ve been able to increase the CAS Layer count for PS3 from 32 to 64. This is huge news for our PS3 owners and something the PS3 fans have been requesting. We worked extremely hard to optimize the Create-A-Superstar system to support this and we want to continue to work hard to address your feedback.

Thanks for your continued support and we look forward to revealing more when the game is officially announced in the next few months. Did we mention 6 Diva's in the ring next year as well?! OHHHH YEAH!

Cory Ledesma
WWE Games Creative Director @RealCoryLedesma


More to come WWE Games fans. Get these signs on WWE TV and who knows what that reckless @RealCoryLedesma will say next? Can't put a leash on that puppy!

This article was written by your friendly wrestling neighborhood 5"4 strong, spry, witty, sensitive, cool-cat, WWE Games Global Community Manager friend, @THQ_Tank ...FOLLOW HIM, er...ME!
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Deion Sanders cited for fight with estranged wife :D

Former Dallas Cowboys star Deion Sanders has been charged with misdemeanor simple assault in the wake of an altercation with his estranged wife that got her arrested at their mansion in suburban Dallas.

Police said late Tuesday that further investigation led to citations against both Deion and Pilar Sanders, who still live together in Prosper.

Police say the charge doesn't warrant arrest. A police spokesman wouldn't detail the allegations, but says simple assault could be as simple as touching or jerking from a grip.

A message left with Sanders' attorney wasn't immediately returned.

The Hall of Famer tweeted Monday that Pilar had attacked him, and he posted a photo of his children filling out police reports. He later removed the post.

Pilar Sanders was arrested on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. She was released Tuesday, maintaining her innocence.

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VIDEO: Full WWE Superstars Episode From April 26, 2012

The following is the full WWE Superstars broadcast (air date: April 26, 2012) courtesy of the official WWE YouTube channel:

If video fails, click here.
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Report: FCW Moving Some TV Tapings To Orlando, Florida

WWE's developmental territory, FCW, is now going to hold television filming near Orlando, Florida. They have signed a deal with Full Sail University and will begin filming there on May 17th.

According to reports, the exclusive contract they signed guarantees FCW will be the only wrestling show who runs shows at that venue. FCW filmed a low key pilot taping at this same venue several months ago. They have shows planned at this venue through September. They plan to make this the regular location for filming television but will still continue regular day to day training in the FCW arena located in Tampa.

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Breaking News: Top WWE Star Suspended For 60 Days

According to WWE, Rey Mysterio has been suspended for 60 days for violating the wellness policy.

The following is from WWE.com:

In accordance with its Talent Wellness Program, WWE has suspended Oscar Gutierrez (Rey Mysterio) for 60 days effective Thursday, April 26 for his second violation of the company's policy."
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WWE: Top 10 shocking moments of 2011

WWE: Top 10 shocking moments of 2011

As 2011 comes to an end, I decided to make a list of the most shocking moments in the WWE, this year. These moments would be etched in the annals of pro-wrestling history, not just because they were surreal, but because they were truly memorable.
Some of the shocking events that almost made into the top 10 include:
  • Edge’s sudden retirement
  • John Morrison’s Spiderman act at Royal Rumble
  • WWE Superstars walkout on Triple H
  • R-Truth snaps and goes crazy on John Morrison
  • Mark Henry becomes the World Heavyweight Champion
Here are the top 10 shocking events of 2011 in WWE:
10. Booker T and Kevin Nash’s surprise return
Royal Rumble 2011
It was the largest ever Royal Rumble in history and two legends of Pro-wrestling came back to the WWE. Both men went to TNA after successful careers in the WWE, and their return back evoked shock and awe amidst the WWE Universe. Booker T and Kevin Nash were the surprise entrants of Royal Rumble 2011 and deservedly got huge pops from the live crowd. Their return was the main talking point of Royal Rumble, taking the spotlight away from its winner – Alberto Del Rio.

9. Triple H relieves Vince McMahon of his duties
Monday night raw 18/7/2011
Triple H’s return combined with the on-screen firing of Vince McMahon made this a moment of prime importance. This also paved the way for a gripping storyline in the following weeks, involving Triple H and his managerial skills, which included a short feud with CM Punk followed by a much lengthy one, also involving Kevin Nash.

8. Daniel Bryan wins the World Heavyweight Championship
TLC 2011
It has to be said that Daniel Bryan’s entry to cash in at TLC, was somewhat spoiled by the live crowd chanting ‘Daniel Bryan! Daniel Bryan!’, when Mark Henry was attacking the Big Show. However, when Daniel Bryan came out and cashed, but many including myself felt that he would be the first to lose after cashing in the Money in the bank briefcase. Fortunately, Daniel Bryan put all doubts to rest and went on to realise his dream of being the World Heavyweight Champion after a 12-year long journey, filled with trial and tribulations.

7. Christian’s first ever World Championship victory
Extreme Rules 2011
I have to admit that I was one among those who considered that Christian would never win a World Championship in the WWE, eventhough he deserved one. My opinion was shattered when Christian did the unthinkable at Extreme Rules. After 17 long years, Christian finally won the world championship that he thoroughly deserved, courtesy of a victory over Alberto Del Rio in a ladders match at Extreme Rules.

6. The Undertaker kicks out of Triple H’s tombstone 
Wrestlemania 27
The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania was at stake when Triple H battled with him in a no holds barred match at Atlanta. Triple H was trying to accomplish something that his close friend Shawn Michaels had failed to do over two consecutive attempts – Beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. And boy oh boy, how close was he to accomplish that feat! When Triple H tombstoned the Undertaker, everyone was shocked and thought that the streak was coming to an end. Seconds later, the Undertaker kicked out of the three count, only to shock the crowd even more.

5. The return of the great one
Monday night raw 14/2/2011
The manner in which The Rock left WWE seven years ago prompted many to think that he may never return back in future. He became a mainstream movie star which further fuelled doubts on the possibility of his return. And when he was introduced as the host of Wrestlemania 27, all hell broke loose. The Great One finally came back and electrified the millions worldwide. The rest is history.

4. The resurrection of Kane and his attack on John Cena
Monday night raw 12/12/11
At the beginning of 2011, Kane’s heel character became too stale which forced the WWE to turn him into a face. It didn’t go down well with the fans. Kane was shelved for months after Mark Henry inducted him into the hall of pain. To make Kane’s character relevant again, WWE puts the mask back on him and a resurrected Kane returned on 12/12. While many expected him to go after Mark Henry who injured him, Kane went after John Cena which raised eyebrows.

3. CM Punk wins at Money in the bank; leaves with the WWE title
Money in the bank 2011
With the fate of the WWE title in balance, John Cena and CM Punk faced off at Money in the Bank. It was supposed to be the last match for CM Punk as his contract was expiring on that day. CM Punk had proclaimed that he would leave the WWE with the title. The stipulation was that if Punk wins John Cena would be fired. Against popular opinion, CM Punk won the match and took away the WWE title, leaving the fans in shock and awe.

2. Ring collapses after Big Show suplexes Mark Henry
Vengeance 2011
What happens when a 500 pound giant is suplexed from the top rope by another similar giant? The ring collapses! That’s exactly what happened at Vengeance as Big Show suplexed Mark Henry. The ring collapse prompted the fans in the arena   to chant ‘Holy S#!t!”  and it was only the second occasion that a ring collapse had happened in the WWE. Amazingly, The Big Show has been involved on both occasions.

1. CM Punk Shoots the WWE
Monday night raw 27/6/2011
There may be several moments which prompt you to say ‘wow!’. But only a few moments make you to say that and also prompt you to jump out of your seat. One such moment was when CM Punk went beserk on WWE, Vince McMahon, The Rock and John Cena. Many argue that the promo was scripted, but my point of view is that scripted or not, it was executed to perfection. This shoot promo was the defining moment in the history of WWE as it moved from the PG Era to the Reality Era. CM Punk rose from a upper mid-card heel to become the face of the company. The fact that one never gets tired of watching this promo again and again tells a lot. Hat’s off to CM Punk for creating the most shocking moment of 2011.

Do you agree with this list? Post your comments below.
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